Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Mia Thompson's Sacrificing Sapphire Releases

Very excited for the release of Sacrificing Sapphire, book four in thriller Sapphire Series, and just in time for Christmas. If you like a fun, humorous, sexy Christmas thriller, this is your book.

Sapphire Dubois is a reluctant heiress living in Beverly Hills and a vigilante. She has secrets in her past she barely understands that prompt her to hunt serial killers in LA. And, unfortunately (or fortunately), she's in love with a cop who is trying to stop the vigilante "serial catcher."

Author Mia Thompson's screenwriting experience is evident in her writing. The chapters of her books end on cliffhangers, just when you think they're going to kiss they don't... Mia's books are fast-paced and fun.

To order Sacrificing Sapphire or one of the other books in Mia's series, click here.

To visit Mia's website, click here.

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