Sunday, April 9, 2017

I'm excited to share Laraine Denny Burrell's cover. 

Laraine was one of my editorial clients through She Writes Press. Called back to England because her father was passing, Laraine memorializes him as she sorts through his belongings and helps to arrange the funeral. In an alternating narrative, we follow her eventful childhood as she comes of age and travels the world as a professional dancer.

My English friends--as well as plenty of others--will appreciate Laraine's book. Laraine's father was a Royal Yachtsman and Laraine a graduate of the Royal Academy of Dance. 

It's a treat to follow the precocious and talented Laraine as she has to occupy herself long days as a child home alone with working parents as well as follow the milestones of her life such as the family taking charge of a Royal Cat--a Manx from the Isle of Man gifted to the Queen--and Laraine's love of horses and acceptance to the Royal Academy of Dance.

Laraine has had such an amazing and colorful life, perhaps best seen as she races across the Egyptian desert on horseback or traveling and providing for her infant son Mark in Italy as a single mother. 

Ultimately, Laraine truly delivers in eulogizing her father in the most beautiful way in OUR GRAND FINALE.

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